Golf Practice During the Covid-19 Lock-downs.

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What you can do to stay in touch with your gold game will largely depend on where you live and what facilities you have access to. From a large mansion with gardens and gym to small studio condo there are things you can do on a regular basis to keep your game strong. 

Putting Practice.

Putting Practice

Practicing putting is probably the easiest activity you can do because this can even be done in a small condo. You just need a flat surface and something to aim for, of course you can putt on a carpet or hardwood floor and use a paper cup as a makeshift hole if necessaryTo make it a bit more realistic get a custom-made hole to aim for, they're cheap and are usually low tech. To add to realism try adding a simulated grass mat, you can get them in a variety of sizes and some even end with an uphill section incorporating a built-in hole to drop successful puts into. 

Swing Practice.Golf swing practice

If you are limited to a small room there will be limits to what you can physically do. There are some swing training aids that are compact enough for a small room that can simulate swings for practice. For those with a garden practicing your swing will be a lot easier, you can use your real clubs for starters. For added realism why not try incorporating a catch net then you can strike real balls. Alternatively, there are other swing aids that incorporate a plastic ball attached to a solid base that you can strike with real clubs too. 


It will pay to keep fit during any lock-down period whether you play golf or not. However, now is a good time to research some golf specific exercises that are going to help you with things like rotation and flexibility for example. If golf is your only exercise then months of lock-down is really going to impact your overall fitness and stamina.   

Once courses and driving ranges do open be prepared for new guidelines for social distancing and hygiene. The use of caddies and carts will also be restricted so make sure you check up with your local club before embarking on your first round in four or five months. You may also find they no longer accept walk-ins and so you're going to have to book in advance.       

No matter if you are stuck at home and don’t have any training aids or equipment you can still order online. One of the best value online stores is Top Golf Goodies who have a huge range of putting and swing aids to help your golf game. Most of their equipment is priced at well under $30 and best of all shipping is free. Their stock is constantly changing as they find new innovative golf accessories and training aids bring them direct to your door. 


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