How can you putt like a pro?

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If you read your putts well but can't seem to roll the ball where you are aiming there are some things you can do to correct this, or at least get you putting in a straight line

You’ve probably noticed that the pros usually have some markings on their golf ball when setting up for a putt right? Well it’s easy to do the same, just draw a straight line around the equator of your golf ball with a permanent marker using a good ball marking tool

Mark your ball on the green with a ball marker that has alignment marks, line this marker up with the hole (or your intended line having read the undulations of the green of course).


Now you just need to match the alignment line of your ball marker to the line you have on your ball. Remove the ball marker and then line up your alignment mark on your putter head with the line on your ball.

Why use this method? 

The rules of golf allow you to mark and clean the golf ball on the putting green so you should always take advantage of this opportunity to aim the golf ball on your intended line.  The visual aids of the golf ball line married with the ball marker line and your putter marks makes it easier to hit your putts on your intended line. Next time you’re watching the pros on TV, you will notice that almost all of them do this, each and every time.   

The whole idea of drawing a line on the ball is to aid in your aiming and setup, and to give you confidence as you execute your stroke.  When you hit the putt, be sure you don't let the line wobble, and please make sure your ball finishes past the hole (or in the hole of course). To find out more about the great golf accessories from Top Golf Goodies and how you can get your free golf ball alignment marker tool.


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