Golf Laser Rangefinder (600m 800m and 1000m)

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Golf laser rangefinder available in 3 options, either 600m, 800 or 1,000m. Probably the best all round compromise rangefinder with a compact and sturdy design that is water resistant with great functionality at an affordable price.

Measuring range: Choice of 600m, 800m or 1,000m
Power: Battery (not included)
Measuring units: Meters or Yards
Accuracy: +/- 0.5m
Measuring Angle:-90 degrees
Trajectory Compensation: 20 degrees
Angle Accuracy: +/- 1 degree
Wavelength: 905nm
Vision Safety: FDA (CFR21)
Field of View: 7 degrees
Scope Magnification: 6x
Objective Lens Diameter:22mm
Eyepiece Diameter: 16mm
Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.7mm
Diopter: +/- 5D
Operating Temperature: 0 - +40 degrees C
Height Measurement: Yes
Continuous Ranging: Yes
Flag Lock: Yes
Angle Measurement: Yes
Golf Trajectory Compensation: Yes
Speed Measurement: Yes
Display: LCD
Auto Power Off: 8 seconds after no activity
Dimensions: 118mm x 77mm x 41mm


golf laser rangefinder